Jonathon became a certified yoga instructor in 2006 while looking jonathonfor a better balance between business and life. He worked in corporate finance and real estate after completing his MBA. His passion for purpose driven work and desire to spread the knowledge of yoga on a worldwide level led to the formation of PURE Action.

Jonathon says, “Like most people I saw and felt results immediately.” At teacher training, Bikram personally encouraged us to share what we learned, but more importantly to care for our family first, friends second, and the community next. My ensuing travels took me to Aspen/Basalt, New York City, and Fort Worth, but eventually I landed back in Austin where I belong, completing the circle. I am the Treasurer for PURE Action and own a real estate company called Grow With Austin. My fiancé and I live in South Austin and enjoy golf, biking, and the good times Austin provides.