Lindsey Stanley is the Development Director for PURE Action and is committed to cultivating partnerships by bringing awareness to the healing power of yoga. She discovered yoga as a form of medicine after being diagnosed with various forms of chronic anxiety caused by adolescent and adult trauma. This prognosis became the fuel to find a natural way to help her body and mind.  Lindsey chose to explore Bikram yoga as an option for healing and the changes experienced have been life-altering.  A beautiful transformation happened very quickly after committing to a consistent practice and is referred to by Lindsey as “magic.”   In Spring 2014, she made the decision to embark on a new journey that celebrates her love for yoga and became a Certified Bikram Yoga teacher.

Lindsey enjoys creative collaboration and offers more than ten years professional experience in business development, sales, and non-profit management.  She is passionate about sharing PURE Action-Yoga Is Medicine’s mission with people who suffer with physical pain, emotional pain, and chronic disease. Her focus as a yoga teacher is to help people discover their own personal healing magic and better understand the anatomy behind the postures and what makes them so effective as a  form of natural medicine.

Lindsey’s favorite thing about yoga is the gift of awareness you learn to develop and maintain.

“Happy hearts heal the world and it starts with a healthy spine and mind.”