Lindsey Stanley is the Development Director for PURE Action non-profit organization.   She offers more than ten years of professional experience in business development, sales, and non-profit management and enjoys creative collaboration in support of the #YogaisMedicine mission to heal the world with yoga.

Lindsey is especially passionate about sharing PURE Action-Yoga Is Medicine’s mission with people who suffer with physical pain, emotional pain, and chronic disease. She has personally been able to discover peace outside of circumstance by maintaining a consistent yoga practice and is passionate about sharing her yoga journey with others.  Her focus as a Certified yoga teacher is to help people discover their own personal healing magic and grasp a better understanding about the ancient application of yoga as medicine/therapy.  Lindsey has an invested interest serving the homeless population and currently oversees a weekly teen/youth yoga program in San Diego, California.

“Happy hearts heal the world and it starts with a healthy spine and mind.”