Stephanie Jain is a volunteer instructor with PURE Action and is passionate about sharing the medicine of yoga with others. She has been practicing yoga regularly since 2012 and received her 200-hour teaching certificate in 2015 from Namaste Yoga Studio in Northfield, Ohio. Her gentle style of teaching invites you to meet yourself “where you are” each time in an affirming space, so that you can improve balance, flexibility, mind-body awareness, and self-care. Stephanie encourages students to find a practice they enjoy and carry the benefits off the mat. Whether it’s a breathing technique, a favorite stretch, or a meditation, everyone can find a practical tool in the big box labeled “yoga.” You only need to pick it up and use it! Stephanie’s favorite thing about practicing yoga is its power for transformation and shares,  “I have benefited physically, mentally, and spiritually, and in many ways I feel like a very different person from before. Yoga has brought me a sense of peace, the curiosity to continue learning, and an attitude of compassion for myself and others.”