We are celebrating the success for one of the supporters of our One Posture at a Time program led by PURE Action Ambassador Jeanne Heaton in Athens, Georgia. Please read about Mike’s journey and share the yoga love! #yogaismedicine

“Nearly 5 years ago, I was emotionally and spiritually bankrupt. I was lost in a world of despair and my remedy consisted of a self prescribed dosage of alcohol and drugs. I was at my bottom. The best way I have heard the bottom described is, “that point when you get tired of digging, and want to start climbing.” Everyone’s story and bottom is different. The one common thread of the bottom is the quote above. Quite simply, I was tired of digging. I started a path of sobriety in February, 2012 and started a journey of trying to live life on its terms. I so desperately wanted to feel comfortable in my skin and simply love and accept who I was. Nothing more, nothing less. The journey to self discovery and self love has been riddled triumph and hardship alike . Shortly after my 4th anniversary of my sobriety in May 2016, I stepped into a hot yoga class for the first time. The transformations that have occurred since then far surpass any work that I had done in the previous four years. I have been given the gift of looking at myself in the mirror for an hour and a half at a time. I have learned to accept that I may not be able to perform as well as I did the day before–and I am OK with that. I am am able to simply accept and praise the fact that I showed up and am willing to perform the best that I can THAT day. I am learning patience. I am learning resilience. I am learning that I do not have to be perfect and that life is not a competition. Quite simply, I am learning to love myself for who I am, TODAY! The very thing I sought out to find almost five years ago, is coming to me each and every day on the mat.
Side note: I am so fortunate to have had Jeanne Heaton placed in my life. I practice at Fuel Hot Yoga in Athens, GA, where she is a teacher. I look forward to doing great things with her and One Posture at a Time in our community. Thank you for all you do.”

*One Posture At A Time is a Community Program serving those in various recovery communities and was started by Jeanne Heaton while she was living in New York.  A new relocation has allowed her to expand OPAAT to the beautiful community in Athens, Georgia.  –>Thank you to Fuel Hot Yoga for your continued support and partnership! <– Each week she brings the healing power of yoga to those in various recovery communities and is an instrumental component to the success of this program which has also expanded to Austin in 2016!  For more information about OPAAT and how to get involved please email info@pureaction.org.



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