This week’s #TestimonialTuesday features our PURE Action One Posture At A Time Teen (OPAATT) leader, Courtney Alison Dunn!
Courtney advocates as a PURE Action mission Ambassador by serving at various recovery centers in the Austin area. She is dedicated to sharing yoga with the world and educating others about how yoga helped her recover from Anorexia and overexercising.
Earlier this year Courtney completed the Ghosh Yoga College Teacher Training in India and is now able to incorporate her teachings into her practice as a Registered Therapist.
The foundation of OPAATT is built on Courtney’s commitment to help others heal and identify and strength their path to peace. OPAATT welcomes teens ages 13-18 and serves as a safe and welcoming community to the youth populations.
Courtney is truly a bright light in the yoga community… please check out the blog link below to read more!


  • First name

    Courtney Dunn
  • Location (Country)
  • How long have you been practicing/drawn to yoga?
    Began practicing mindfully and for healing 11/2 years ago but actually practiced about 1 1/2 years prior to that.
  • Has yoga helped you with anything medically or otherwise?                                                                                                                 Yoga has helped me recover from Anorexia and overexercising. It helped me create a mind body connection that 20 years of other forms of treatment were unable to provide.It allowed me to be still, listen to, and honor the basic physical cues of hunger, thirst, and the need to rest I frequently ignored to be point of not feeling at all. Most importantly it guided me to having a greater connection with my true self and get in touch with the real Courtney that had been hiding behind the eating disorder.
  • Why would you suggest yoga as medicine to a friend/stranger?
    Yoga provides healing on all levels mind, body, and spirit. Practicing yoga also gives you to ability to be active in your own healing versus feeling like you are passively putting yourself in the hands of others.
  • What keeps you coming back to your mat?
    The lasting feeling of inner peace I feel during and after my practice.
  • Favorite thing about your yoga practice?                                                                                                                          The way it requires me to take Time for myself to check in with my mind and body. It also gives me permission to accept where I am at in that moment or day without judgement. I enjoy the challenge of being aware of how my mind sometimes affects what my body does on the mat and vice versa. I love noticing how things I learn  within my practice can be translated and applied to my life off the mat. Yoga is a continuous journey with never ending opportunity for growth just like life.
  • Advice for anyone wanting to explore yoga?
    Give yoga and yourself a chance!  Allow yourself the time it takes to be with yourself and you will be rewarded in ways you never imagined!!
  • ​What you hope to extend to the youth populations through the OPAATT program?
    The guidance of how to use yoga a a healing tool throughout life, no matter what they are facing now or will face in the future. I also want to give them confidence in who they are as individuals and a sense of connection with their true selves.
  • What is the inspiration behind OPAATT 
    After going through my own healing yoga journey I began to volunteer then teach with Pure Action the teenage girls in residential treatment at Phoenix House. It amazed me to see them become curious and enthusiastic about yoga. I knew we had the OPAAT to offer adults when they left treatment but no specific program for teens. I personally began struggling when I was 13 and believed having yoga introduced to me at that age would have saved me years of being lost. I could empathize with the girls’ condition. This motivated me to act on their behalf and of all others teens and create space for them to discover and connect with themselves through yoga. 
  • What do you want OPAATT students to know about their first class?​
    It’s OK to feel whatever you feel around being there. We are all equals and every body is different. Seriously, no one is judging  you so please attempt to not judge yourself. All you need is an open mind and you are a winner just for showing up, you are worth showing up for!!!

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