Yoga is one of the most universal ways we connect with others around the globe. We are excited to share the testimonial and words from an amazing yoga teacher and practitioner from the east coast of Canada.  Petra has an amazing practice and eye for bringing vibrant colors and personality into her asana.  Not only is she inspiring and strong, her colorful light shines brightly in yoga communities around the world.  Please meet Petra and help us share the yoga-love!  Together, we make a difference and will heal the world with yoga. #YogaisMedicine


Name: Petra

Location: Canada

How long have you been practicing/drawn to yoga? I’ve been practicing Bikram yoga for over 4 years

Has yoga helped you with anything medically or otherwise?  Yoga has helped me with depression and anxiety.

Why would you suggest yoga as medicine to a friend/stranger? I would suggest yoga as medicine because it works. Yoga allows you to become aware of yourself and gives you mental clarity. You become both mental and physically strong. I feel more confident and connected with myself since I started practicing yoga.

What keeps you coming back to your mat?  I feel so amazing after yoga it always keeps me coming back to my mat. No matter how I feel before class I always feel balanced and grounded after class.

Favorite thing about your yoga practice? My favourite thing about yoga class is spending 90 minutes with myself. Even when my thoughts or life feel chaotic and overwhelming I can always find stillness through yoga. It is through stillness we find the answers.

Advice for anyone wanting to explore yoga? My advice to anyone wanting to explore yoga is keep and open heart open mind. Don’t set limitations for yourself. You are powerful beyond measure.


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