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On Saturday, January 30 PURE Action Research Director Dr. Stacy Hunter was hosted by Bikram’s Yoga College of India San Diego for the first ever Southern California Research Symposium to share the research supporting the metabolic and cardiovascular benefits found in a Bikram Yoga class.

Dr. Hunter has presented these findings at numerous studios in North America and was warmly welcomed by professionals, students, and teachers in the Southern California yoga community.  Together, the group discussed  the scientific benefits and learned more about future expansion of PURE Action funded yoga research.

BYCISD’s Director, Jim Kallett shares, “Dr. Hunter’s presentation was very informative, encouraging, enlightening, and even inspiring.  She presented her work in researching the effects and benefits of Bikram Yoga practice on the Cardiovascular System and Metabolism very professionally, and in a way that was both charming and easy for the layperson to understand, especially the Yoga practitioner.  She took the time to address all of the questions and comments that the attendees had.  Her personal experience with the practice makes it even more viable to both Yoga students and teachers, as well as for other Medical Researchers doing studies on the results of Yoga practice.  We all enjoyed hosting Stacy’s Talk, and look forward to bringing her back again in the future, to hear more about the results of hers and others’ research being sponsored by PURE Action Yoga.”

The PURE Action team looks forward to future expansion in the Southern California yoga communities and sharing the #YogaisMedicine mission!

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