Yoga Is Community!

I’ve been a volunteer with Pure Action since the beginning of this year and participate in the community classes that Pure Action brings to Homestead Oaks, an apartment complex owned and managed by Foundation Communities which is a local non-profit, and to Seton McCarthy Community Health Center in east Austin. I’m fortunate to take these classes with two wonderful teachers, Helene and Taryn. They are quite different in their approach to class structure, but very similar in attention to their students and students’ intentions. Both engender a community atmosphere that benefits each student as well as the class as a whole, and even new students immediately feel comfortable and can start to find their focus with more ease.

Having always been on the student side of things, I never gave much thought to what it takes to provide a successful and satisfying class to all attendees – but I sure could tell if that goal was met! The classes at Homestead Oaks and Seton McCarthy attract different populations of students in large part due to the venue. The Homestead Oaks class includes students from all walks of life and ages with a wide variety of interests and talents. The Seton McCarthy class has a blend of robustly healthy folks from the neighborhood as well as folks who are patients of the clinic and have various limitations due to their health status.  

Over the course of a number of weeks, both Helene and Taryn have teased out the personalities, likes/dislikes, and capabilities of their students, and then adjust each class as needed to address the mix of students for that day. They make each class a warmly welcoming hour where all students feel open to fully explore where their bodies and minds are for that day through yoga.

In turn, the students also open their hearts to each other while opening to themselves through a greater awareness of where their fellow students may be in mind and body for that day. They also adjust in temperament accordingly. It’s subtle, but over the course of time, these classes have truly become communities that allow all to get greater satisfaction while each member works towards their specific intention(s). They look out for each other in class, and oftentimes outside of class as well. It’s been wonderful and I feel truly honored to have been accepted in both classes as a member of each community!


– Connie Wierman, PURE Action Volunteer


Join Connie and Taryn at Homestead Oaks every Monday @ 6:30-7:30p

Join Connie and Helene at Seton McCarthy Community Health Center every Thursday @ 11:30a-12:45p


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