1. Current location: Location USA but consistently traveling teaching
2. How long have you been practicing yoga? I have been practicing yoga for nearly 7yrs with my first class being a vinyasa class in a gym setting. I later practiced power vinyasa I was not fond of this practice and that lead me to my first Bikram class which has been my consistent go to for 5yrs this coming Jan.
3. Has yoga helped you with anything medically or otherwise? Yoga has helped me in heaps of ways. I came to my first Bikram class as a binge alcoholic with a broken body and mind. After my first class I realized how good I felt and put down the bottle for nearly 6 months. My body began to heal from sciatic pain, and previous injuries and my mind began to clear of the fog. Soon I realized I was eating better feeling better and even being a better member of society in general. I find my practice helps me in almost every aspect of my life.
4. Why would you suggest yoga as medicine to a friend or stranger? Typically I only advise people to yoga if I feel they are open to it. I’m not the type of person who preaches “do yoga it cures everything”. I believe in what I teach, so when I see someone in chronic pain or in need of relief. I will approach them suss out their situation and then give my best advice. Relief for pain, stress/anxiety relief, detox, improved cardiovascular, improved strength, etc I recommend a regular yoga practice.
5. What keeps you coming back to your mat? I stay on my mat to continue improving myself. There is really no other place I find as much comfort and learn as much as when I stand on my Manduka.
6. Favorite thing about your yoga practice? My favorite part of my practice is the constant evolution of my mind and body connection. I am a firm believer humans may not be a physically evolving species but mentally we continue to expand exponentially. Through the practice of yoga you tap into that expansion and clarity of thought and attempt to go beyond through the meditation obtained by control of the senses, body, and breath. This drive to see the human evolution and potential is my goal.
7. Advice for anyone wanting to explore yoga? Interested in yoga my advice is to find a practice/lineage that suits you. Always keep an open mind and talk to the teachers before hand about injuries pre existing or current or any kind of worries you may have. Most of all remember yoga is everything it is a way of teaching you your unlimited potential. Each teacher will show you how in a different way but it is all from the same space of love.


My life with Bikram’s Yoga began January of 2012, in Reno Nv. After a year of self reflection and other exercises. I found myself invited to a Bikram yoga class. I was intrigued, hearing of this intense sweaty hot yoga before. It had my attention as I was seeking a detox. I fell in love with the yoga immediately, after class I was walking on cloud nine. I began attending weekly or bi weekly my first year. The yoga was an excellent supplement to my work out routine at the time of weight lifting. In late 2012 I started experiencing sciatica pain due to my career as a driver with FedEx. The pain was sometimes so unbearable that it was hard to walk. I had heard other employees speaking of days they could not even get out of bed, and decided this would not be me. The only thing relieving the pain happened to be Bikram Yoga specifically STHK pose.

In 2013 I made the decision to quit my job with FedEx and move to San Diego Ca. I was informed by a friend of a possible job available at a Bikram studio. I came to a class with the director of the studio Jim Kallett. After a challenging informative class I introduced myself to him in pursuance of the position. Luckily for me he saw potential from my practice and hired me on the spot. This began the life which led me to a new dream of teaching this yoga. Coming in with my current sciatica pain it was a no brainer the more I practiced the better I felt. The transition went from 4-5 days in a gym setting with 2 days of yoga to 4-5 days in the hot room 2-3 days of gym. I started to see a difference

not only in my body as the changes were quite drastic but in myself internally. started to feel different think different be different. I began to wake up to the situations that had been taking a toll on my body and mind. Years of skateboarding, weight lifting, running and etc. Had left my body damaged. My mind began to ponder my previous choices in life as I spent hours alone in my head staring at myself in the mirror.

On the summer solstice of 2014 I made the decision I needed to attend Teacher Training. So I made the necessary arrangements to attend the next Teacher Training. It was spring 2015 that I attended Teacher Training in Khao Lak, Thailand. I learned more about myself in those 97 classes, 63 days, and 9 weeks of training then I had in the 27 years prior; graduating 1 year to the day after my decision to go. After training I returned home to San Diego, Ca where I taught for Bikram Yoga San Diego, Bikram Yoga Bonita, and Bikram Yoga La Jolla. I competed in the 2014 and 2015 regional yoga asana championships for California. Placing 3rd in the state in 2015 and was invited to the national level but could not attend. I now travel to come share my dream with the world. Teaching and spreading this yoga like honey on toast.

-Brandon Johnson


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