In September we launched a campaign for our social media followers to help bring awareness to the healing power of  yoga love by using the hashtag #YogaIsMedicine in celebration of it being Recovery Awareness Month–   Thank you to all who submitted and shared! 💙 After reviewing thousands of images and posts on Facebook and Instagram, we are proud to announce Victoria from South Africa is the winner! Learn more about Victoria by reading below.  Together, we inspire one another and heal the world.

“I am 29. Born and raised in Northern Norway but has been living in Stellenbosch, South Africa for the last (almost) 7 years. I have been into yoga since I first discovered it (around the age of 16/17) when I still stayed at home with my parents. In 2014 I did my first teacher training in power and vinyasa yoga at Yogalife in Cape Town and I have been teaching ever since. I am currently teaching full time and being the manager at www.riversidestudio.co.za as well as teaching classes at www.hotyogastudio.co.za . I love working with people and love seeing how their life changes as they grow with their practice. Its hard work and it takes a lot of determination and energy but seeing the impact it has on peoples lives (and my own) really makes it worth every early morning and late night! <3 ”


First Name: Victoria

Location: South Africa

How long have you been practicing/drawn to yoga? For the last 12 years

Has yoga helped you with anything medically or otherwise? Yoga has helped me get more safe and comfortable in my own skin. When I know my own limitations and what I am capable of its also easier to not take things so serious or personal.  Yoga has also helped me realize that nothing is more important than NOW- and it is something I work to share with my fellow yogis and students.

Why would you suggest yoga as medicine to a friend/stranger? Because yoga creates space and awareness in our lives.  Which is, perhaps the first step towards changing something that needs changing or taking a step in a different direction.. Yoga also reconnects us with ourselves, which can be the only thing we need to start our journey towards recovery (of different sorts).

What keeps you coming back to the mat?  The freedom in moving from the heart.

Favorite thing about your yoga practice?  Its ongoing, expanding, and evolving.

Advice for anyone wanting to explore yoga?  I’m going to make it cheesy and say “just do it” – but what I mean is there is no other way than to actually start.  Perhaps adapting an open mind will help…

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