Yoga at the library: quieting the voice and mind
Written by: Liz Tyrrell, PURE Action Volunteer Teacher
When I first heard of yoga at the Austin Public Libraries, I envisioned people silently practicing asanas in between stacks of books.  Well, it has obviously been a while since I had been in a library.  The Southeast location of the Austin Public Library is far from silent.  I was pleasantly surprised upon my first class in April to be greeted by an incredibly enthusiastic staff, who create a general buzz of positive energy and excitement about reading, community building and, as it turns out, yoga!  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting close to 50 new people over the course of the last month at the library.  We host a class on Wednesday evening from 6-7 PM.  By the way, the yoga is not as I expected, in between the stacks.  We have a beautiful private room with space for 30 students.  Our students are anywhere from age 4-60, and our experience levels range from brand new beginner to certified yoga instructors.  I am so happy to share yoga with this particular group, as there is no yoga studio in their neighborhood and some of them are limited financially.  Whatever the reason may be, in general this group would not be able to practice yoga were PURE Action not there.  The students have shared that this yoga has helped them to feel calm and relaxed, improved their posture, offered pain relief in neck and shoulders and more restful sleep.  My favorite testimonial came from our 11 year old student ( who is by the way, our most faithful, missing only one session in 6 weeks.). When asked why he likes yoga he said “yoga makes me feel good!” I am grateful for the students who give me the opportunity to share the gift of yoga with them each week.

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