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From the Founders:

PURE Action’s mission is to bring the ancient benefits of yoga to mainstream medicine through research, education, and community programs. We seek to inform and inspire the world to take control of their own health through this ancient mind-body practice.

Since we formed PURE Action in 2010, we have helped fund seven yoga research studies with academic universities across the U.S., providing financial assistance and peer review from our Advisory Council and Research Director, Dr. Stacy Hunter, Ph.D. Four of the funded studies were based on the Bikram method of heated yoga, as this method is a consistent protocol that easily lends itself to research study.

In 2017, we reached a milestone by completing a nearly three-year project studying the “heart health” benefits of Bikram yoga poses in both a heated and non-heated environment – the first study to examine the benefits of adding heat to a yoga class. We have more exciting research studies planned for 2018 that Dr. Hunter will update you on throughout the year.

On the education front, we hosted two “Yoga Talks” in Bethesda, MD and Boston, MA, providing informative and inspiring content to audiences outside of the research realm. In 2018, we plan to bring more content to the public through our website blog and social media channels, with careful curation of research information that you can rely on.

Our second annual Yoga Research Conference at the Harvard Medical School conference center in Boston, MA, gathered scientists to present their latest research on yoga and its potential benefits on physical and mental health. In 2018, the Yoga Research Conference will return to Austin, TX on November 10-11, 2018. We hope to see you there!

On the ground level, we conducted 15+ community yoga classes per week, serving 6000 students in Austin, TX, Athens, GA, and San Diego, CA at addiction and recovery centers, supportive housing communities, public libraries and community health clinics. We will continue and refine our community programs in 2018 to deliver more yoga to more people in underserved communities.

We look forward to a prosperous 2018 with your continued support!

Jeff and Mardy Chen

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