Monica LeBansky oversees the PURE Action 30 Day Discovery graduates and is a volunteer teacher at centers around the Travis County surrounding areas. Her affiliation with PURE Action began in 2013 during her enrollment at the Benchmark Recovery Center. Monica took her first yoga class while undergoing treatment for alcohol and drug addiction and quickly found a new found sense of peace and balance as a new yoga practitioner. After successfully completing the Benchmark Recovery program she utilized the discovery offer extended by PURE Action to explore yoga as a healing form of medicine while making new life transitions.  Since completing her recovery program and the discovery, Monica worked at Benchmark to share her story and passion with others and in November 2015 she received her Bikram Yoga Teaching certification. Monica is passionate about interacting with other practitioners, volunteers, and individuals who are exploring yoga as a new form of healing.  Monica’s favorite thing about yoga is the way it “forces you to embrace the present moment, exactly as it is, no matter how uncomfortable or challenging.” Monica hopes to spread the word to other addicts that the principals yoga teaches go hand in hand with the “spiritual program of action” required to live a happy, healthy and free life. “Sobriety and Yoga together have given me the life of abundance I always searched for!”