Heart Rate, Core Temperature and Metabolic Responses to Bikram Yoga

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Colorado State University

CSU logoLast year, Pure Action collaborated with Bikram’s Yoga College of India Corporate Headquarters to fund a study at Colorado State University which will finally establish the caloric expenditure of Bikram yoga. Conducted by Megan Fritz under the mentorship of Dr. Brian Tracy (below, far right), data collection began in September by members of the Neuromuscular Research laboratory at Colorado State University. A lecturer at Bikram yoga teacher training and the first ever to publish a Bikram yoga intervention study back in 2008, Dr. Tracy is becoming well known within the Bikram yoga community. He has since continued his work publishing a second Bikram yoga study last year and is now conducting the caloric expenditure study with support from Pure Action. Click on the following links to read Dr. Tracy’s past research:

Yoga as steadiness training: effects on motor variability in young adults.

Bikram yoga training and physical fitness in healthy young adults.

EveryoneMany have attempted to estimate the intensity of Bikram yoga via heart rate monitors, but it has never been measured by way of indirect calorimetry. This study was the first to establish the intensity of Bikram yoga and the results will benefit all practitioners, particularly those who intend to utilize this practice as a form of weight management and/or loss. Data collection for this study is now completed and we hope to see this study published soon. If you’d like a preview of the results, visit our blog here.

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