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Originated in New York, NY   2013 – presently in Athens, GA

Pure Action’s first ambassador Jeanne Heaton is a recovering heroin addict whose life was transformed by yoga. She is the spark for the initiative, One Posture at a Time, bringing yoga to recovering addicts. Read her NY Times article and watch the video  Teacher: Experience Needed and embrace her vision below.


Jeanne Heaton, OPAAT NYC Director

Our vision is to bring yoga to all recovering addicts residing in long-term, state regulated, detoxes and rehabilitation programs in New York City and to research and document the medical benefits. Through PUREAction’s scientific research and data collection, the ability for yoga to truly heal the addict from the inside out – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually – will then prove to the state and government that policies must change so that health insurance companies, Medicaid, and Medicare will be able to provide onsite certified weekly Yoga classes. This in turn automatically cuts costs in every other area of these terribly under-served programs. Samaritan Village’s Young Mother’s Program is the first New York City Program to bring PUREAction’s One Posture at a Time in to their facility. And with our success there, Samaritan Village will bring us to all of their in-patient residential facilities, numbering as many twenty.

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Bringing Yoga to Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation facilities, One Posture at a Time.

One Posture at a Time is a hatha yoga practice geared specifically toward restoring the addicted person to a permanent state of health, wholeness and well-being. Using a specially designed sequence of ancient yoga postures, our practice reduces toxic harm caused by addiction and cultivates the necessary mind/body connection powerful enough to bring about change at the highest level of the conscious spiritual self. Working in tandem with the rehabilitation program, this practice eases the pain of chemical detox by teaching the clients a new, holistic and scientific way to not only get clean but stay clean. The negative blocks and shame that have built up in the body over years of harmful abuse — the ‘issues in the tissues’ — fall to the wayside, making room for the addict’s true self and purpose to emerge. Through expressing each posture, one at a time, the innate sense of self-respect, self-love, self-control, and self-realization that exists deep down inside every human being is 100 percent restored.


The Young Mothers Program (New York)

The Young Mothers program is an intensive residential substance abuse treatment program where women can live with their young children while working on their recovery and enhancing their parenting skills in a supportive, structured environment. The Young Mothers Program is located in upper Manhattan and has been serving the community for over 20 years. During the work day, while their children are attended to in on-site child care facilities, the mothers participate in a multi-faceted program designed to combat alcohol and drug addiction, and help them access education, employment, and training services. In-house medical services focus on prenatal, maternal and pediatric health care.

Samaritan Village Main Office/ Briarwood location
138-02 Queens Blvd
Briarwood, NY 11435

Samaritan Village Mission (New York)

For more than 50 years, Samaritan Village has been wholly dedicated to improving the quality of life for New Yorkers facing adversity. With its humble beginnings as a Queens counseling center, Samaritan Village has evolved into a nationally-recognized human services organization, doing more good than ever imagined. Today, Samaritan Village provides comprehensive health and human services to more than 6,000 people each year through a network of more than 20 facilities located throughout New York City and in upstate New York.

Samaritan Village provides a rich array of services including substance abuse treatment, mental health and primary health care, specialized programs for military veterans, vocational and employment services, shelter and transitional housing, and services for seniors.

We believe that Good resides in each of our clients – men and women, our veterans, mothers and babies, the homeless, families, and the elderly. With our dedicated staff and partners in the community, we roll up our sleeves and find the good within the people we serve.

Samaritan Village: Where Good Lives™

Jeanne Heaton

Jeanne’s journey to Bikram Yoga began with a deep realization that if she were to save her life she would need to change it, entirely. An actor and musician, she arrived in NYC in search of fame and fortune but instead found drugs and alcohol. Penniless and homeless, she finally checked herself into a long-term residential rehab facility where she lived for 19 months to detox all substances. But when she re-entered society, the physical damage done to her body from intravenous drug use along with her inability to be still and comfortable in her own skin was taking its toll. She didn’t know how she was ever going to stay clean and that was when she was introduced to Bikram Yoga. Yoga would turn out to be the missing ingredient to her recovery and that was when she realized that if yoga had been brought to her while she was inpatient, her detox would have been much easier. And so today, that is her mission; to bring yoga to all treatment centers throughout NYC to teach others – just like herself – that no matter how bad it gets, it’s never too late to start from the scratch, one posture at a time.



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