The ADHD research study at the University of Georgia continues to make progress with 26 participants currently enrolled. Study participants are being randomly assigned to yoga or control groups. Yoga group participants are completing 2 Bikram yoga classes weekly for 6 weeks. This study will determine if Bikram yoga has an effect on cognitive function and mental health in women with ADHD, both of which have been shown to decline with ADHD. A total of 10 participants have completed the entire 6-week study since the commencement of data collection in the fall of 2017. For more information on our grant funded research projects, click here.

Click here for an overview of the study.

Dr. Stacy Hunter

Is The Research Director For Pure Action, Inc., A Nonprofit Organization Devoted To Bringing The Ancient Benefits Of Yoga To Mainstream Medicine Through Research, Education And Community Outreach. She...

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