Pure Action is devoted to funding research to improve our understanding of the health benefits of yoga. While many claims exist, the scientific evidence is sparse and we’re here to find the facts! This year, the first study we funded on the caloric expenditure of Bikram yoga was completed. Conducted at Colorado State University by Megan Fritz under the mentorship of Dr. Brian Tracy of the Neuromuscular Function Laboratory, this study was the first of its kind. Until now, although several online estimations exist, no one had ever measured the intensity of this style of yoga.

The study showed that core temperature remained in the safe zone throughout the 90- minute session, caloric expenditure ranged from 278 to 541 calories, and Bikram yoga unlike several other styles of yoga was intense enough to be categorized as moderate-intensity exercise. Dr. Tracy came to Austin in June to present the results to over 100 enthusiastic yogis at Pure Bikram Yoga.

We have established a strong foundation with this ground breaking study and eager to move forward with more projects. Here’s how you can help:

  • Make a $250 donation and we will send you a 3’ x 4’ poster of the results!
  • Host a presentation of the study results at your studio or at another venue.
  • Host a fundraising donation class for Pure Action at your studio.

RMACSM1Several studio owners have already made donations toward future studies and you will see this poster appearing in more studios very soon. If you’d like to host a research presentation or would like to hold donation classes for Pure Action at your studio, contact us at info@pureaction.org.

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