A Pure Action funded study, “Yogic breathing when compared to attention control reduces the levels of pro-inflammatory biomarkers in saliva: a pilot randomized trial” gets published in this month’s issue of BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Dr. Sundar Balasubramanian conducted the study along with a team of researchers at the Medical University of South Carolina and says this of the findings:

“This research shows that the Pranayama practice caused a reduction in stress mediating pro-inflammatory cytokines. The researchers measured 10 different cytokines and chemokines in saliva. These are proteins that are key to immune response as well as stress response, and found three of them to be reduced after Yogic breathing practice. This new data is novel in several aspects, 1) this is the first time a Yoga breathing is approached using multiplex analysis, 2) Pranayama could reduce salivary inflammatory molecules and 3) there is a way to reduce these cytokines using non-pharmacological approaches.”

Congratulations to the research team at MUSC and thanks for all of your efforts to continue to unveil the benefits of yoga!

Dr. Stacy Hunter

Is The Research Director For Pure Action, Inc., A Nonprofit Organization Devoted To Bringing The Ancient Benefits Of Yoga To Mainstream Medicine Through Research, Education And Community Outreach. She...

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