PUREAction has a team of volunteers and supporters who help us daily with our mission to heal the world with yoga.  One of our most invested and longest standing volunteers is Benard Bennett.  He has personally found tremendous peace and love through his yoga practice and now selflessly shares that passion with the community each week by volunteering for various community classes in Travis County and also serving as the One Posture At A Time- Men’s Mentor for the Passport Program.  Please see his testimonial below and learn more about his yoga journey.

“This journey I’m on where I turn away from a certain activity, altering my state of consciousness through drugs, has brought me back to yoga. Yoga helps me learn about myself, what type of person I am and discovering what type of person I want to be. Yoga physically has helped me heal my left ankle through the one legged balancing poses and fixed firm pose. Yoga allowed me to experience a physical craving of my drug of choice and to safely let it go in savasana. Yoga propels me to release emotional through standing head to knee. The practice of asanas dared me to know more and explore yoga into reading about it in books like Yoga and the 12 step path, Light on the Yoga Sutras, The Autobiography of a Yogi and Ayurveda an Yoga.
Pure Action provides a platform for my passions and practice to combine where I can give back and further my journey. My next exploration will hopefully be in India where I can learn about more healing arts like yoga, ayurveda and pranic healing.” – Benard Bennett- Austin, Texas

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