Above & Beyond- Prison Yoga

Richie Flores, now known as Yogi Richie, started his yoga journey behind bars and it changed his life.


Richie Flores

Describes His Moment Of Discovery As Being Like When A Book Slide Seamlessly Into Its Place On A Shelf. He Created His Space For Self Reflection Not In A Yoga Studio Or At A Retreat Or In An Ashram Or Monetary, But In Solitary Confinement Cell At A Federal Prison In Texas. After Suffering From Variations Of Extreme Childhood Trauma, He Realized Yoga Was Exactly What He Needed. He Illustrates The Transformative Potential Of Yoga And Lives The Goal Of Yoga By Walking The Path Of True Peace And Happiness. Richie Earned His 200-Hour Teacher Training Under The Generous Guidance Of Genevieve Yellin And Is A Focus In The Award-Winning Yoga Documentary "The Kingdom Within" - Directed By Bob Peck. In His Words, He Shares The Journey That Has Brought Him "Above And Beyond" Through The Practice Of Yoga. He Says, "I've Learned To Live, Not Exist, I Learned To Love Myself And Directly Because Of This I Have Learned To Love Others." He Serves As A Faculty Member For Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy (TIYT) Training, Advisory Board Member For Overcome Anxiety Project (OAP), And Is Co-Director Post Prison Project. The Yoga Ride, Yoga Tree, And Other Community Organizations In Austin Are Where His Efforts And Time Are Spent And Is A Valued Asset As A Leader In The Community. Richie Will Share His Journey On The Path To Enlightenment And How He Has Gone "Above And Beyond" Into Divine Purpose.

08:00 TO 17:00

2018 Yoga Research Conference

We are excited to announce that the 2018 PURE Action Yoga Research Conference will be hosted in Austin on November 10-11! In partnership with the UT Cardiovascular Aging Research Laboratory, this year’s special event weekend will take place at the U...

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2018 Yoga Research Conference