Yogic Breathing – Scientific Principles of Yoga

Sundar is a research scientist in the Medical University of South Carolina from Department of Radiation Oncology. His research revolves around how genetics affect therapy treatments, but he is also interested in yoga research. He learned yoga from his family in the southern part of India.


Dr. Sundar Balasubramanian

Is A Cell Biology Researcher And A Former TEDx Charleston Speaker. He Is Currently Studying Mechanisms Involved In Resistance To Cancer Therapy At The Medical University Of South Carolina. He Is Also A Yoga Biology Researcher. His Recent Research Papers Have Provided Scientific Evidence on How Yoga Practices Could Promote Well Being By Changing The Expression Of Key Proteins. Sundar Grew Up In Tamilnadu, India In A Traditional Yoga And Siddha Medicine Practicing Family Background; And Went To Swami Chitbhavananda’s Vivekananda College In India Where He Further Learned Yoga, Meditation, And Kirtan Practices. Sundar Has Been Continuously Learning From Various Yoga Masters From The East And West. He Is An Internationally Certified And Registered Yoga Teacher And A Member Of International Association Of Yoga Therapists, And The Integral Yoga Teachers Association. Please Visit Www.PranaScience.com For Additional Information.

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2018 Yoga Research Conference

We are excited to announce that the 2018 PURE Action Yoga Research Conference will be hosted in Austin on November 10-11! In partnership with the UT Cardiovascular Aging Research Laboratory, this year’s special event weekend will take place at the U...

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2018 Yoga Research Conference