Yoga For Homeless

Yoga For Homeless aims to bring communities together and help the homeless, which is at an all time high. Benefits of yoga have been empowering people to leave the streets and into homes. Yoga For Homeless began on the streets of California and has taken off as a national movement.

Founder Andrew Beinbrink has a diverse background from being a former professional baseball player to a start-up technology entrepreneur. Today he focuses his passion and energy as the CEO of SportsForce, a national college athletic recruiting company and as the founder of Yoga 4 Homeless. Andrew is motivated by helping people transform their lives and unlocking their human potential and was inspired to start Yoga 4 Homeless after having his own experience helping the homeless through various charitable activities while realizing the need for more to be done. He believes the principles of personal transformation, service and compassion are critical to helping homeless men, women and children.  For more information please visit here.

Favorite Quote:
“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Gandhi


Yoga 4 Homeless

mission is to bring the healing power of yoga to homeless men, women and children worldwide. Our team believes that yoga can provide a path toward personal transformation and equip homeless people with the tools they need to get off the streets and become functional in society. Yoga 4 Homeless was started by Andrew Beinbrink in December 2015 with a simple goal of donating yoga mats to the homeless so they wouldn’t have to sleep on the cold, wet concrete during the winter. After providing yoga mats to homeless in the San Diego community and hearing how much better they slept, Andrew was inspired to provide more than yoga mats. Once the project started building more momentum, the next logical step was to partner with a number of yoga studios and local businesses including Lululemon. Realizing mats weren’t enough, we spoke with local homeless shelters and community centers and saw the opportunity to bring the healing practice of yoga into the homeless community. After a few months of research and studying the homeless epidemic, we decided to focus our efforts on bringing yoga teachers and classes to homeless shelters and community centers. We are currently working with a few shelters and homeless community centers in California and Texas and looking to expand.

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2018 Yoga Research Conference

We are excited to announce that the 2018 PURE Action Yoga Research Conference will be hosted in Austin on November 10-11! In partnership with the UT Cardiovascular Aging Research Laboratory, this year’s special event weekend will take place at the U...

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2018 Yoga Research Conference