Buddha Bose- The Search for Volume Two

Scott Lamps and Ida Jo are musicians and yogi’s. They became accidental historians when they discovered and eventually published a book called, “84 Yoga Asanas by Buddha Bose”. They talk about Buddha Bose’s history and his first book, “Key to the Kingdom of Health Through YOGA: Volume One.” The true story they are here to share though, begins with their search for volume two.


Ida Jo

Is The Co-Author Of The Ghosh Yoga Practice Manuals. She Is Double-Certified By Ghosh Lineage Master Tony Sanchez, Having Completed His Training In Intermediate And Advanced Yoga. She Is Certified In Therapeutic Yoga By Ghosh’s Yoga College And Also Works As An Ambassador, Bringing Groups To Kolkata, India To Train With Muktamala Mitra, Granddaughter Of Bishnu Ghosh. She Has Studied With Rajashree Choudhury, Emmy Cleaves, Rolf Gates, Ana Forrest And John Friend. In 2015, She Was Part Of The Trio That Published 84 Yoga Asanas By Buddha Bose, A Lost Manuscript From The 1930s. She Won First Place In The 2015 USA Yoga Asana Competition, Wisconsin. She Is A Lifelong Musician. Www.idajo.com

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