PURE Action - Yoga Is Medicine is delighted to host a panel of scientists from a broad spectrum of fields within yoga research who will cover topics pertaining to science, medicine and the fundamentals of yoga for the Second Annual PURE Action Yoga Research Conference at the Joseph B. Martin Harvard Medical School Conference Center. Join us this fall at October 21-22 in Boston, Massachusetts to celebrate the science of yoga by participating in interactive sessions, classes, and other unique opportunities that will deepen your understanding of the widespread benefits of yoga.


Yoga Talk is a variety show of trending topics and ideas shared by distinguished guests who serve as experts in their field. Yoga Talk Fall 2017 will take place at the Joseph B. Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School on Friday, October, 21 in Boston, Massachusetts during the Second Annual PURE Action Yoga Research Conference. The purpose of Yoga Talk is to inspire and educate - this is a very special part of the YRC 2017 weekend you don't want to miss!


Boston, Massachusetts offers an historical setting to host the Second Annual PURE Action Yoga Research Conference. As one of America’s oldest cities, Boston has countless historical sights, landmarks, and museums to explore. Just steps away from the Harvard Medical School region you can enjoy fresh seafood and various international cuisines while learning about historical events and people. Whether you are a science, research, sports, yoga, history, food fanatic- Boston caters to all ages and areas of interest and offers a beautiful backdrop of scenery in the fall. We look forward to having you join us!


The Second Annual PURE Action Research Conference and YOGA Talk will be held in the heart of the medical district in Boston, Massachusetts. Attendees can experience the seasonal ambiance of America's most historical region.





Please send sponsorship inquires to lindsey@pureaction.org


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Conference schedule and yoga sessions can be found via link at top of page

PURE Action- Yoga is Medicine is a 501c-3 non-profit that is dedicated to healing the world with yoga through research, education, and community programs.

Understanding the scientific benefits found in yoga introduces a new concept behind alternative forms of healing medicine.

Research supports the logic behind the scientific benefits found in yoga. Funding research studies furthers our understanding of the impact of all forms of yoga on indices of physical and mental health.

Educating the community by funding and offering yoga classes to various populations in recovery centers, community health clinics, hospitals, schools supports the mission to heal the world with yoga.